Social Media Management

Are you in need of someone to manage your social media accounts? Do you want a more professional presence on social media?

I can provide quality services of:
Creating your Social Media Pages
Setup of pages
Optimization of your Social Media Pages
Creating Engaging posts
Creating Products posts
Competitor Analysis
Making new Strategies
Develop Brand Awareness
Increase visible Engagement

Virtual Assistant

I can assist you with your personal  organizing, translating, blogging, graphic design, and many other tasks

I can provide quality services of:
Assistance with social media accounts
Help with blog related tasks
Online research
File organization
Canva graphic design
Customer Support
Project Management

Creative Work

I will create high-quality videos, graphics, and other content for your business that I can upload to multiple platforms and make available to you 24/7.

 I do all the creative work on your account including photo editing, video editing, captioning, copywriting and so on. 

I can create excellent content for your blog, website or online store and will assist you in all the creative decisions.

I will help you grow, reach and engage your audience on social media. 

I can manage your social media accounts, write engaging content for you, find people to follow based on their behaviour or even create sub-groups within your social network.

Work with me on content, design, SEO and social media activities to grow reach and exposure of your product, brand or personal blog.